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Slither io

Slither .io is one of the most iconic games of its kind. Play as a snake (or a worm, if you prefer) fighting for survival and dominance over a large square map, eat food to grow in size and become more difficult to kill. Other players will compete with you online in real time and constantly try to outsmart you. Do you have what it takes to become the longest creature on the server?

The goal of Slither io is to gather energy orbs (in other words – food) that make you grow bigger and bigger over time. Other players will try their best to prevent you from doing so, but there is only one way to kill someone: make them crash into the side of your body or tail. In order to achieve that you will need to quickly position yourself in a very specific way cutting the enemy off.

When it comes to Slither io games and other similar titles, the quality of the controls is one of the most important factors that can make or break the game. In this case they are absolutely perfect: simple and effective, responsive and reliable. If you get killed you can only blame yourself, so you better practice if you want to become the champion. Play Slither io online, grow as big as you possibly can and outsmart your rivals!

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