Description: (Gota io) is an addictive and fast-paced multiplayer game that puts you in control of a tiny colored dot. The objective of the game is to grow your dot by consuming smaller dots and other players' dots while avoiding being eaten yourself.



  • Mouse: Move your dot
  • Left Mouse Button: Split your dot into multiple smaller dots
  • Space Bar: Eject mass from your dot


1. Avoid larger dots:

When you start playing, it's crucial to avoid larger dots as they can easily consume you. Instead, focus on consuming smaller dots until you have grown enough to take on bigger opponents.

2. Split wisely:

Splitting your dot can be a useful strategy to attack or escape from other players. However, be careful not to split too much, as it may leave you vulnerable to being eaten by larger dots. Splitting also reduces your size, so consider the risk-reward before making this move.

3. Corner trapping:

If you find yourself being chased by larger dots, try to lure them into corners where they have limited mobility. This tactic can give you a chance to escape or even consume them if they get trapped themselves.

Game Modes

1. Free For All:

The classic game mode where you compete against all other players on the server. Eat smaller dots and avoid getting eaten to climb up the leaderboard and become the biggest dot on the field.

2. Teams:

In this mode, players are divided into teams, and your objective is to dominate the field with your team's dots. Coordinate with your team members to outplay rival teams and claim victory.

3. Experimental:

Experimental mode introduces unique gameplay features and mechanics for a different challenge. Explore new strategies and adapt your playstyle to thrive in this ever-changing environment.

4. Party:

This mode allows you to play with friends by creating a private room. Enjoy friendly competition and team up with your buddies to conquer the leaderboard together.

In, every decision matters, and the gameplay is both competitive and exciting. Join the colorful dots frenzy and prove your skills in this addictive multiplayer experience! QA

Q: Which controls are available in Gota io?
A: In Gota io, you typically control your character or object using a blend of keyboard inputs (such as WASD for movement) and mouse controls (for aiming and performing actions). You can also discover additional control options and settings within the in-game menu.
Q: How do I start online gameplay in Gota io?
A: To begin playing Gota io online, just navigate to the game.

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